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sUAV Recovery System

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an effective sUAV parachute system, that works in low altitude

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O-Chute's ™ Mission

To replace the drone pilot's "Oh, Sh!t" emergencies, with laughter and a better outcome






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O-Chute™ is not only engineered to be extremely reliable, but it's also designed to communicate with the pilot on its status. With the easy to follow LED light system, O-Chute™ can easily update the pilot in real time. 




Obstacle avoidance Blind Spots?



O-Chute™ was specifically designed to be effective at altitudes as low as 15m; making it the perfect recovery system for mid-air collisions.




Automatic Deployment


Eliminate the hefty drone repair costs after a crash. O-Chute™ slows the drones descent rate to 4 m/s (36 joules of energy upon landing) Making it the best recovery system for Phantoms UAVs on the market! 





Mission possible



No matter how long the mission, O-Chute™ is designed to last. O-Chute™ 's 6  hour rechargeable battery is up for any job you throw at it. 







Watch O-Chute™ in action and witness the time, frustration, and money it can save you from repairing Man's second best friend.


Had an "Oh, Sh!t" moment?


We want to hear about it! 

Contact us, day... or night, if you had an "Oh, Sh!t" moment or want to prevent the next one from happening! If you want to know more or be a beta tester, we'd love to hear from you!

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